introductory questions

my name

pape, menachem mendel

student #


remaining questions

what is my preffered name?


what are my preferred pronouns?

mr, rabbi, yo, dude, etc. in that order.

where did i last study before coming to dawson?

l'ecole nationale d'horlogerie in trois-rivieres.

what program am i currently enrolled in?


what are my plans after completing my dec?

i plan on working for a few years, going on to do a bn, mn, and then get some solid years of work in before i hopefully will teach nursing.

what is my favourite subject?


what is my favourite hobby/past-time?

drinking wine and socializing with friends.

why did i select this course?

because it would encourage me to get out of bed in the morning and get a good start to my day.

what are 2 learning activities i find most effective?

i find studying in an abandoned classroom, or with friends to be most effective

just by the way

i think this class is not at all what i thought it would be. it is teaching me things i didn't even know existed. i hope i'll be learning a lot more and be able to keep up...