Shifting from one lifestyle to another is never easy. Shifting from Chassidic Orthodoxy to the secular society is even harder. Many members who enter our doors have been disowned by their family, their friends, their spouses, their children, parents, siblings, and community as a whole. Many members are shifting not only in religious beliefs, but in many areas of their life. The average member is most likely dealing with multiple issues upon entering our doors.

We therefore have a social worker and psychologist on staff, to help our members guide through the hardships they face while forging their new lifestyle. We provide a listening ear to each and every member, from all staff, and from the veteran members who serve as mentors for those who have freshly arrived in this society.

Our aim is to pave as smooth a road as possible for all our members on their journey to the life they want, whatever that may be. We try and guide our members to finding the happiest version of themselves possible. We have the goal of ushering in a new generation of people who don’t face this road to discovery alone, rather feel part of a family, all while finding ways to help them maintain a relationship with their own families.

Our hope is to bridge the gap between these two communities, where those in the secular and the Orthodox worlds can recognize one another and support one another as friends, as family, as neighbors, and as communities.