Since the education given in the orthodox community is strictly religious, the graduates are faced with few career options: Being a Rabbi, teacher, Kosher slaughterer, scribe, Circumcision performer, or an independent business owner. If one does not desire to follow a career in these domains, there is no direct way to get a job anywhere else. With no communicable language and no work skills, one finds him or herself with no applicable skills, and no way to pushstart their career. Writing a CV is just as well a lacking skill not easily obtained, and no idea of how to be presentable before an employer in the secular world.

We at Forward try and find employers who are willing to take on these youth as apprentices, where they can be taught not only the job at hand, but also how to behave in the workplace, interpersonal skills, and a kickstart into the future. These employments open a window to the seeking individual to see what it looks like in the working world, to learn responsibilities, and hopefully pave the way for a decision of what they might want to forge as a career in the future.

We connect with various organizations both on the provincial and communal level, to find as many options possible. We refer to aptitude testing, and fill in whichever gaps come up for one seeking an employment in any given field. We aim to facilitate the transition of each and every member in transitioning from insular-styled lifestyle, to a communal one, where every member finds their place in being a contributing member of society.