The Path Forward13

About Us

Montreal has a very unique ultra-orthodox community, and therefore those who leave the ultra-orthodox community find themselves in a unique place as well. In Montreal, the various Chassidic communities, besides for one, are all situated in the same area, in the Plateau; An area where Chassidic and hip mix, where Yiddish, English, and French can all be heard while walking down the same street. Moving Westward, the Litvish8 Orthodox community can be found in an area known as De Vimy, named after one of the main streets. As you continue West, you will find the Chabad3-filled Ultra-orthodox area in the Westbury-centered community. Continuing West, Cote St Luc houses the Sephardic11 community, both non-religious, traditional, and orthodox.

These communities for the most part do not associate with one another, and the lifestyle differs one from the next, yet those who leave all find themselves in a similar predicament: they all have no idea how to survive in the modern world. Leading with the two Ultra-orthodox communities, where no secular education is given, students find themselves married and with child by age 19, without the knowledge of how to fill out a bank check, how to rent an apartment, or how to get a job.

This is why we are here. We aim to bridge the gap between the previously closed community style and the widely diversified secular community. Our aim is to provide support and the tools necessary for each and every member to find out their options in the greater community, and the means needed to build a new life outside the previous one, as well as a community of like-minded individuals, where people understand one another, and share each other’s strengths, helping along the journey with a newfound family.