Forward - Our Home

Welcome to the website we call “Our Home”. This is a website of information about a demographic in Montreal’s society which gets mostly overlooked, if at all noticed.

Of those who do notice our existence, we are known as the ex-orthodox Jewish community. Our members share one thing in common: we were all born and raised to various extents in the orthodox or ultra-orthodox communities, and have to various extents moved away from it, for whichever reason.

Every person is different. Each experience varies. Whether one is from the same community as another, or next-door neighbors, we each have taken a different path, and have had to deal with various obstacles throughout the journey it has taken each and every one of us to be where we each are today. Yet one thing we all share, is that we all have yet a journey to face. None of our stories has ended, and as hard or as easy as it may be, we each on our own and as a whole, are looking forward to overcoming the obstacles that face our ways.

This is why our organization was created. By us, for us, and for those who have yet to come. This sight was built with the intention of providing resources to those who need it, those who will need it, and a source of information for the ex-orthodox community as well as anyone who is seeking information about it.

Welcome to the place where our new family comes together to share and find advice and support. Where we get inspiration to lead the life we dreamt we want to have.

Welcome to Forward.